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“The heart of the Jesuit ethos is Ignatian Spirituality –
the way of Christian growth developed by St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.”

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Jesuits in Africa: - http://www.jesuits.africa/
Jesuits in Canada and USA: - http://www.nationaljesuitnews.com/
Noticias de la CPAL-SJ: - http://www.cpalsj.org/
Jesuits in Europe: - http://www.jesuits-europe.info/
Jesuits in Asia Pacific: - http://sjapc.net/
Jesuits in South Asia: - http://www.jcsaweb.org/


Versione Italiana: - http://www.sjweb.info/news/index.cfm?LangTop=1&Publang=4&Tab=2

Archive of newsletters before March 2009: - http://www.sjweb.info/news/index.cfm?LangTop=1&Publang=1&Tab=5

Headlines from the Social Apostolate: - http://www.sjweb.info/sjs/index.cfm

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