Upcoming Events

“The heart of the Jesuit ethos is Ignatian Spirituality –
the way of Christian growth developed by St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.”

First vocation Camp starts from 24 March, Sunday (04.00Pm) to 28 March, Thursday (08.00 Am), 2019, at Ankur, Hazaribag.

Second Vocation Camp & English course starts from 17 June, (05.00 Pm) to 30 June, (08.00Am.) in Ankur, Hazaribag.

Province Days: May – 21-22 (1 ½ -Days)

Province Annual Retreat: October 05th Eve. to 13 Oct. 2019 – Resource person:- Fr. Edward Mudavassery, SJ.

1. Central Zone Provincials' Consultation and Deliberation at RANCHI (Dated: 30th Aug. 2018)
2. Visit of Fr. Provincial to Australian Province with the intention of Better and effective future mission of the Society
(Dated: 8th - 24th Sept 2018)
3. Golden Jubilee of CMC Congregation (Dated: 26th Sept. 2018).
4. Province Consult and Deliberation at AN (Dated: 30th Sept. 2018)
5. Mahuadanr CMC Golden Jubilee Closing (Dated: 2nd -3rd Oct. 2018).
6. JCSA (Jesuit Conference of South Asia) Meeting at Darjeeling (Dated: 20th -28th Oct. 2018).

Ongoing Events and Mission Works:

1. Active Ministries of the ‘Hazaribag Province’ - Visit: - http://hazaribagjesuits.org/ministries.html
2. Active Missions of the ‘Hazaribag Province’ – Visit: - http://hazaribagjesuits.org/missions.html
3. Hazaribag Diary: - https://jesuit.org.au/hazaribag-diary/

4. Active Education Ministries of the Province:

NOTE: - For the News updates of the ‘SOCIETY OF JESUS’ Visit: http://www.sjweb.info/news/index.cfm?Tab=2&PubLang=1

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