“The heart of the Jesuit ethos is Ignatian Spirituality –
the way of Christian growth developed by St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.”

Fr. Claude D'Souza (KAR), Passed away on 7 July 2018 . 87/67
Fr. Arockia Raj Raphael, S.J., (MDU) passed away on15 July 2018 at Dindigul. 57/37
Fr. Joseph (Joe) Menezes (PUN) passed away on 16th July 2018. 74/56
Fr Stephen (Steno) De Raffaele Passed away on 17 July 2018. 84/65
Father Albert Dungdung, SJ (RAN) died on 07 August, /2018 in Ranchi. 83/61
Sch. Ramond Hansda’s Uncle Mangu Hansda who passed away on 10 August 2018.


01/Andrew Thottunkal
02/1992 Bp. George Saupin
17/1971 John Rush
17/1992 Steven Daly
24/1990 John Wijnant

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