“The heart of the Jesuit ethos is Ignatian Spirituality –
the way of Christian growth developed by St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits.”

Fr. Shyju Thomas- Acting Superior of Prerana Community since 28 December, 2018.
Fr. Arwind Minj- Residing at Tundtoli Parish.

After Tetianship & Renewal:
Fr. John Xaxa- Sabbatical and renewal, residing at Tundtoli parish.
Fr. Sibrus Barwa- Sabbatical and renewal, residing at Ankur. He will attend Ignatian Immersion program in Manresa, Spain. (28 Apr. to 08 Jun. 2019)
Francis Marian- joins the treasures office at Arrupe Niwas.
Roshan Kerketta- joins Catholic Cooperative bank, Mahuadanr.

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